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What Have I Been Up To?

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528645_378236482211616_689191067_n Hello everyone, It’s been over a month since I wrote a blog post. Wow, such a long time. I wanted to update you all on what I have been up to, nothing much though, but it will help fill up the gap from now till I come up with an awesome post.   I have a full time job at VOTO Mobile and I am doing my national service as well (oh I am yet to register though). National service is 6 months right? so I guess I have until March to do that. I might register this Month so I can get it out of the way 🙂 .


VOTO is great, so many awesome people and we have built a great platform that gives citizens a voice to speak up and cause social change.  I have been working hard and haven’t had much time to do other stuff, except doing more personal work :).   I have a night job too (even though I don’t get paid 🙂 ). I work on Nasara Tech stuff at night and so far it has been awesome. When I am feeling down at work, my side projects help pick me up and when I am bored with Nasara stuff, VOTO work helps motivate and keep me on track. It’s great to have varieties and different things to do. I am human and I get bored doing the same thing over and over and over again.


I rebuilt the entire Nasara Mobile web application in Laravel 4 in about 5 days (4 hours every night for about 10 days). I had to write some crazy migrations to keep the current user’s data. I had changed the entire database and it’s relations. It was a huge challenge and after 16 hours on a Sunday, it worked out and I was so proud of myself 🙂 .


Also, I have been reading a lot of articles on mars, NASA, ants, bees and foreign adoption. I am obsessed with aliens in case you didn’t know and I will love to go to space. I don’t even mind living alone on Mars, I will love it.   I started some courses on Coursera and couldn’t keep up at the professors pace. I had so much on my plate and I will finish the courses before 2014, I promise. I am not a reader and I easily get bored when reading novels. I want to change that attitude and build my vocabulary, which by the way is terrible. I have started reading the ‘hunger games’ :).


My grandma was sick, she had a stroke and I took 5 days off work to be with her in Tamale. It was very tragic and I couldn’t control my emotions. I was so sad and scared and I didn’t want her to die. My grandma is like a mother to me and she has always been there for me and my sister. My colleagues at VOTO Mobile were so helpful and showed a lot of concern and empathy. They are the best!


I am also working on a cool and amazing project at VOTO. I have been for almost 3 months now and I can’t wait to blog about it when it’s finally out. I am excited just thinking about it.   Also, I am now a pro in freesbie. We play freesbie often at work as a way of letting loose and my team, ‘Team Stripes’, is the best. I love playing freesbie now, big thanks to Rob. I also love riding my bicycle up and down Kotei’s bumpy road.   I have been watching ‘My Wife And Kids’ a lot. One of my favorite shows ever. I keep repeating episodes and it’s great every time. I listen to a lot of music too and for weeks, I have been addicted to ‘Royals’ by Lorde.


Our cat went missing and it was quiet sad. We hoped she will come back and she did after 4 days :). We were so excited to see her. Our neighbors got us a new cat as a gift when the old one went missing. The little one is so adorable and she slept with me last night. She loves to cuddle and I am totally in love with her.


I do not really do fun stuff but it’s all good . It has been a stressful 2 months and I can’t wait for the x’mas break. I do not celebrate Christmas but I am sure we will get a break at work and I am looking forward to that and vacationing somewhere affordable, maybe at my grandmas ghetto, lol.


Thanks a lot for reading and I have so many exciting things to write about in the future. Have a great day and stay blessed.



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