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Building My First Computer!

I have always wanted to build a computer, finally did and made a video of the build. Below is a link to the video on Youtube 🙂 https://youtu.be/c5WqzQhmCJI If you enjoy the video, do subscribe to the channel for more content :). Cheers! 58,575 total views, 70 views today

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My Favourite Videos Of The Week

It is quite funny that the title of the post is ‘my favourite videos of week’. I hardly watch videos during the week and I spend every Saturday, catching up, watching youtube videos, doing some personal work, updating my blog, and picking a ‘trotro’ to Adum and back without doing anything there. It’s all an attempt to get out a little and let loose. I never really realize how boring my life is till someone ask what I do during the weekends. But you know, who needs extra fun when you’ve got YouTube, thank you Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and ...

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Videos I am Obsessed With This Week! – E1

My Favourite Videos on Youtube this week are The Ellen Show:Adorable Kid Dancer Meets His Hero, World’s Strictest Parents and How It is Made! It is no secret that I love Ellen, but I am now obsessed with this series —-> ‘How It’s Made”. I has been around for a while, but I never really watched it, I am soo obsessed. I want to know how everything works, like right now!!!!! Check out some of the vids I personally fell in love with! Adorable Kid Dancer Meets His Hero   How It is Made : Bacon   World’s Strictest Parents New ...

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