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Hidden Figures Movie Review

If you are familiar with my blog, then you know I have been waiting to see Hidden Figures since it was announced in August last year and even blogged about the trailer. I live in West Africa and it took over 4 months to be distributed in cinemas here. It was a very very long wait, but definitely worth it. I finally saw the film on the 24th of February and every frame was detailed and entertaining. It was an absolutely amazing, well told story coupled with great acting! I’ll give a review of what was going through my mind during ...

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Software Review: Snapso Shutdown Manager S2

Okay, I admit, I am reviewing this software because it was a simple app I built back in the day. Nonetheless, I think it is a fantastic piece of software any pc user should have, especially, those who sleep off while playing videos or music. SnapSO Shutdown Manager is a simple program that allows users to schedule the time they would like to shutdown, restart or put their computer to sleep. It has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features. You should definitely check it out!  freeware (free software). The video below gives a brief ...

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8 Burning Questions From The First Season of ‘Stranger Things’

8 Burning Questions After The First Season of Stranger Things (1)

  If you read my previous post on 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Stranger Things you’d know where I stand with the show. Stranger Things is one of the best series this year and after watching and re-watching the first season, there have been a couple of questions I keep asking. You might find these questions intriguing as well; *spoiler alert! What’s Eleven’s Back Story? I am obsessed with this question and there are so many unanswered questions about who she really is. Where is Eleven from? How did the ‘bad men’ get her? Right now, we sought of have a clue as to who ...

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Software Review : “Dukto R6”

Have you ever experienced those moments you doubt using a PC and wonder if the Mac life is the way to go? Those awesome moments when Mac users share huge files swiftly via ‘AirDrop’, and you wish there was an awesome program like that for linux or windows? Well, no worries, I did some digging and even though there are a lot of such applications out there, I stumbled upon Dukto, the ultimate simple, easy and fast file sharing application, similar to the core functionality of AirDrop. Dukto R6 is a software project now in it’s 6th release, with many improvements over ...

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