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So You Bought An App?

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I had never owned a Smart Device till now. And in February this year I installed Bluestacks  App Player for windows ( by then I was more into Windows than Linux ). Bluestacks  App Player allows you to operate in an android-like environment in the player. You can install android apps in bluestacks and it works great. I installed a couple of free apps like WatsApp and some word games. I bought my first app on bluestacks. I loved the game ‘Field Runners HD’ and decided to purchase it for $1.99. I felt great after my first app purchase, but a couple of friends I told didn’t understand why I will buy an app from google play. “Really? you bought an app? why will you do that?”, that was the initial expression. I was a bit confused, and I thought they were going to congratulate me, or at least say something positive.


My DEBIT card was finally replaced and I bought a bunch of apps from the app store on my ipad mini, and I felt good about it, but a couple of friends who were around asked why I bought those apps. I answered, “they are not free”. “Well, you can just jailbreak and get it all for free”, friend A said, and I replied, “do, you mean STEAL the apps from developers who worked so hard to get this out here and is their source of living?”. The conversation went on, and I decided not to speak anymore, because they obviously didn’t understand. I am a software engineer, and I haven’t sold any software yet, they are all free and you can find the on softpedia. But I do have an application you need to pay before you can use.


It hurts when people steal software and think the developers did no work and magically created the app. Some developers spend years building an app and when it is finally ready, they put it up for less that 2 dollars, and people still find it so hard to pay 0.99 cents for an app.  I am not rich at all, but if I have to spend 5 dollars on 5 apps, I will do that with no regrets. If you haven’t been buying apps and stealing them, please stop, it’s not right. What’s the difference between robbing a bank and stealing an app? (well, you get more money from the bank), but that is not the point. In both situations, you are a THIEF or a ROBBER. Let’s desist from stealing apps and try to purchase those we want. FREE apps are FREE apps, and I have a bunch of them, but when need be, buy that app you so desire, and see it as an investment.


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  1. Great post Rasheeda.

    I love the message. I’m more inclined to buy apps now 🙂

  2. Very true.
    The same goes for even music on iTunes.
    There’s a sense of ownership when u purchase an app. !
    Good article

  3. Precious Maxi Gula

    Wow, this is deep. Not all will understand this though.

    Great article.

  4. Josef, thanks for reading. I like the point you made, it’s valid and true.

  5. True.. but people use whatsapp 24/7 but still don’t want to pay just $1 a year. hehe

  6. Well said Rash.

    At least, you’ve the moral right to ask others to pay for your software which aren’t free. A crusade like this will surely make the impact we expect in future even though it might take some time.

    It will take Software Engineers like you to drum this hard in the ears of other Software Engineers so that they stop downloading and installing commercial antivirus, MS Office, Microsoft Operating Systems others.

    Guess what? I have stepped up my no piracy crusade, I’m now using macbook which consciously make me pay for any software I need which isn’t free on the market. It is one way for me to appreciate the industry I find myself.

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