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Savana Signatures, ICT Clinic For Girls – My Two-day Activity Session

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On the 27th of August 2013, I traveled to Tamale, the capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana to take part in the 2nd Annual Savana Signatures Girls ICT Clinic. I was asked to take part and teach the girls basic IT stuff a week prior to the event. I wasn’t very much prepared and had to reschedule a couple of things. I was however excited about the opportunity and couldn’t wait to contribute to such an awesome program. I am from Tamale and lived there till i was 14. i couldn’t wait to volunteer and see my Grandma as well. I arrived in Tamale at around 1:30pm and a driver from Savana signatures came to pick up and drove me to the venue right away :). My session was to start at 2pm and i was right on time. It felt good to be back in Tamale, even though i was there a month ago.   When we got to the venue (Tamale Girls High School), I met Mr. Rashid, the cordinator and a couple of other Sav Sign workers and volunteers. I was welcomed well and i felt happy about that. We had a short chat and I was taken to the ICT lab to meet the girls. There was another mentor teaching the girls simple stuff like paint and microsoft office. 98% of the girls  never had access to a computer and about 20% had never even seen one. i wasn’t shocked though, i was just happy to be a part of their first experience. Ghana Education service selected the girls from the northern, upper east and Upper West regions of Ghana.


The girls were so lovely and were all in Junior High School. I introduced myself and started checking out what they had done. The girls were camped for the week long workshop, fed and taken care of. They had several activities like games and sports, quiz, drama and movie nights. I had a short session and the day went by so fast. At about 5pm, I ended my session and the girls got ready to play volleyball. They played against the mentors. It was super fan and I felt sad that I had to go home. I was however excited to see my Grandma, and left for my Grannies house. I took a lot of pics on my way home, because there were so many new buildings and I could tell Tamale was developing 🙂 . When I arrived at my Grannies, I was excited to see her and we hugged and talked for 5 minutes before she plugged in the whole marriage thing. We talked about marriage and how I should hurry up and have kids and so much more. It was interesting listening to her though. The day went by and had I started preparing for my session with the girls the next day.   On the 28th, I woke up early and got to the venue at 8am. my session started at 9am and I changed my strategy to teach them ‘Reasoning’ instead of an intro to programming. i had to come down to their level and understand what they wanted. The girls were so smart and I was totally blown away. The day was awesome! we had lunch (waakye with fish 🙂 ) and a female lecturer from the University of Development Studies talked to the girls about staying motivated and how she got to where she is now. Her story was very touching and I was inspired as well. The girls had a short dancing competition which was super super fun. i tried dancing, but I suck so much at dancing 🙁 . DSCN0929 I hanged out with the Savana Signatures staff and made a lot of friends. During my session, the girls had a competition and they presented their results in groups to a panel of 3 judges, including me :D. They were so awesome and brilliant. After hanging out for a while, I had to say goodbye. I was sad, but I felt I had done something right and probably helped at least one of the girls appreciate ICT more. We took a bunch of group pics and the girls took my phone number and social media details. I hugged the girls, the staff of Sav Sign and thanked them for having me. They were all so nice and I promised I will return for another ICT Clinic. I went home and got ready for my trip back to Kumasi the next day.   I had an awesome experience, and I could tell that some of the girls would be IT geniuses if they had access to computers. I am glad I volunteered and did my part. The initiative is GREAT and I wouldn’t hesitate to take part if I am asked next time. Thank you so much for reading and checkout the pics below from the ICT Clinic.

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  1. Really impressed with this social initiatives, especially giving back your time to these young kids.

    I am so happy you touched on development in the North, I bet to tackle that soon since I do make some few trips there too.

    Marriage??? Tell Grandma that their era is over. Just take your time and make sure you settle in with a friend. The kids will leave one day to school and start their one family, hence you will need a friend who will be around when you guys alone and (not just a husband). 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading my blog Bobby, it means a lot to me. Haha, yes Mariage! I have heard what you and you make a great point. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Nice piece! Great work!!!

  4. Cool stuff you doing

  5. Good job Rash. Am sure the kids are very grateful.

  6. Nice!! Keep the good work up!!

  7. Emmanuela Fosua Mensah

    I am a first year computer science student at Ashesi University and would be very glad if i join you the next time you are on a workshop because i am very passionate about giving back…….its because MasterCard foundation is giving back that i am also at Ashesi. Yes! i am on a full scholarship that caters for all my academic and basic needs. 0542191366

    • Thanks for reaching out. I am very happy to hear that you are excited about giving back. I love how sincere you are.

      I would like to invite you to take part in ‘The Hour Of Code’ for girls this Saturday at 9:00 am till Noon at iSpace.

      We will be teaching and mentoring about 65 young girls from JHS and SHS.

      Let me know if you can make it so I will save a spot you. Have a great day!

  8. dats soo gud of u.. God richli Bless ya .. kip it up..

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