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Savana Signatures, ICT Clinic For Girls – Bus Ride To Tamale

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Hello, hope you are doing good? it’s been a long time since i posted anything here. I have so many things to write about but i never found the right time to sit and write it out. I am still working on balancing my life as a worker. I wrote this post two days after the event and it is so long over due, so i will not waste any more time chit chatting. here you go ;   On the 27th of August, 2013, I traveled to Tamale to teach and mentor girls in the 2nd Annual Savana Signatures ICT Clinic for Girls , a week long ICT Clinic. The clinic (workshop) organized by Savana Signatures, is a one-week workshop to introduce, teach and mentor girls from Junior High Schools from the Northern Region, Upper West and Upper East region. You can read more here. I was invited to come teach and mentor the girls a week prior to the workshop. It was a bit sudden, but I was excited to know that such a program was organized in the Northern part of Ghana and I was eager to volunteer the little I know to helping the girls and I was more excited because I come from the Northern part of Ghana and giving back is one of my top priority and to-do things this year. I went to the STC yard on Saturday, prior to the event to purchase a bus ticket to Tamale on the 27th. The issuing officer was very nice and after giving me my ticket tried selling am aloe vera bathing soap to me. I told her I wasn’t prepared and that I will purchase it on the Tuesday I was going to Tamale. She smiled and I said goodbye and left. On Tuesday, I got up early, at 4:30am to prepare and get to the bus station before 6:15am. The bus was scheduled to leave at 7:00am.   When I got to the station, I sat quietly without cuz I didn’t have any luggage to weigh. I decided to take a look at my ticket to know where I was sitting. I saw ticket purchase date on the 24th, which was correct and departure on the 26th which was SOO WRONG. I couldn’t believe it and took another look. I thought maybe today was 26th and I was over thinking it. I was quiet scared and I went to the counter and asked the issuing lady if today was the 27th. She looked at me cheekily and replied. “are you asking me?”. I told her I just saw the date on my ticket was scheduled for yesterday’s bus ride and I bought the ticket on Saturday and told the issuing lady to schedule it for Tuesday. She took my ticket and asked why I didn’t come earlier and I told her I just saw it 2 minutes ago. She called another lady and she took a look and told me to go see the lady checking the tickets for boarding. I waited patiently and after everyone got on board, I told her the problem and she said the bus was full and there was nothing she could do. I was so shocked and shaky that I couldn’t say a word. I kept looking at her with my tear filled eyes and she started blaming me and asked why I didn’t take a look at the date when I got the ticket. I was so sad that I couldn’t control my emotions and my eyes were getting very watery. The lady kept talking and I just listened without talking back. After a while, I asked her to help me, without blaming anyone.   I didn’t want to miss the bus and I didn’t want to miss my first two-day activities at the clinic. The lady looked at me again and told me to go to the cashier and tell her to give my money back to me. She even came to get the money herself after the cashier demanded her presence. She collected the money and pleaded with the drivers to take the money and offer me the spare driver seat. The lady was so convincing that, the drivers took the money and offered me the seat. I was a bit scared to sit that close to the door and driving screen (I don’t know it’s officially name), but I had no choice and thanked the lady and the drivers and after about 10 minutes we set off for Tamale.   The ride was great, aside the fact that the seat wasn’t as comfortable as the others, and I could sleep, everything else was okay. It was amazing seeing everything on the road clearly. Sitting by the driver wasn’t so bad, it was just a bit scary, because when we took off, they scratched a taxi drivers car ( I can’t tell who was to blame ) and when the driver complained, they both got off the bus and insulted the taxi driver for 5 minutes straight, and I was scared the bus would miraculously start moving. All in all, the bus ride to Tamale was okay and when we arrived, I went straight to the venue to start my session at 2:00pm. I was also very excited about seeing my grandma whom I stayed with for the two days.   now you can read about my experience at the workshop here! Thanks so much for reading. 😉

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