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Random Newbie Photos On A Cheap Camera

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I have slowly developed an intense interest in photography for a year and a half now, I guess as a hobby. I love very artistic stuff and photography seems like a great way to express emotions, and a situation without saying a word. It’s crazy how a picture can convey so much meaning. I personally love close up shots, landscapes, human art, and interactions with nature. I am not sure if those are even real terms in the photography world but that’s how I feel about the photos I take.

I do not own a very good camera, but I try to capture every moment with either my phone, iPad, or with a Nikon camera.

I took a couple of random shots over the couple of months and I wanted to share them with you all. They aren’t much, but I guess it’s a start. The images haven’t been altered and I don’t even have my name on them. I guess I should learn image editing after all.

The images below were taken with either an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Core Duos, a Galaxy Note 3 or with a Nikon Coolpix L26.

Feel free to use these images, but with permission of course. I need to know what it’s being used for :). Kindly leave a comment below and also suggestions and advice are hugely welcome.





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  1. Nice pictures, looks like you spent a great deal of time near water bodies and food. Perhaps in a parallel universe you have affinity towards them.

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