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chicken chicken

[Poem] – Chicken Chicken Chicken

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Chicken Chicken Chicken

Legs so skinny

life so short

hustle so shinny

dragged on a snort

day and night

across the oceans


Chickens are alike

chickens are alive

chickens do strive for a better life in this hive


chickens have arrived

they crash and drive

deprived to revive

to be alive, to survive, and to test drive

days unending they abide to reside


it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn

they are drawn on a borne supremacy

to fight in tights

hold right, what’s bright

the height of the knight in site with a knife full of life

threatens emotions and shutters hope of the future life


chicken chicken chicken


fear drooling across the face

in a long distance across the knight there’s nothing in sight

every second counts

every second to devise a plan to survive

the shackles of chains across the floor

ready to deprive movement

to end the game

in the same way Maltiti died

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