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Nasara Voting System – The Must Use Commercial Voting System on the Market

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One can’t help but notice that in most of our systems and organizations all over the world there exist structures, and along with these structures come leadership positions. It is in light of this that various means of choosing leaders have been adopted by various groups and organizations. One of such means is voting during elections. Over the last couple of years, ICT has constantly proven to enhance productivity, increase profitability, improve processes and encourage clutter-free working conditions, and has been embraced by various groups in providing better services, including areas with electoral sectors.

There are certain principles that need to be applied to ensure fairness and transparency in the electoral process. One of such areas of great importance is the voting process. An electoral system cannot be effective without good and effective scrutiny and transparency regarding the electoral issues.

Nasara Tech Company Limited would like to introduce to you Nasara Voting System an Electronic Voting System or Computerized Voting Systems a means of reducing the stress associated with ballot voting and increasing productivity and engagements, to further ensure fairness, transparency as well as an excellent voting process in organization. Through long study and analysis of various voting processes in the country, our team came out with the need to develop software that computerizes the manual voting process. NVS has been developed with an in-depth study of how voting is conducted and has features to handle the voting process from registration of nominees, eligible voters through the vote casting process to counting and display of result.


Benefits of the Nasara Voting system

  • Improve the manual voting system by using electronic means.

  • Transparency
  • Fast and reliable counting of votes.

  • Personalize and create your own positions to be contested for.

  • Upload your candidates as well as electoral roll.

  • Security
  • Ensures that no votes can be tampered with or mishandled in anyway.

  • Votes cast cannot be carried stolen or added to.

  • Prevents voters from voting more than once.

  • Dynamically ensure that only those whose data have been uploaded on to the system can vote.

  • Tracking

  • Create special ids for both the candidates and the electorates so as to track details during the election process.

  • Efficiently monitor, track and analyze your electoral process.

  • Compare current results to historical data in order to plan your campaigns efficiently.

  • 99.99% assurance of correct counting of votes.

  • Easy collection and grouping of the electorate.

  • Ease, efficiency and transparency in the release process of election results and dissemination of information.

  • Reduced cost associated with election process.

  • Create a more widely available and reliable platform to conduct an election.

  • Efficient scrutiny of information used by the organization for elections.

  • Virtual process and wider reach.

  • Efficient information flow and management.


Who Can Use Our Voting System?

Our system can be used in any organization that conducts elections! Whether a small group or a huge organization.

  • Schools (High Schools, Junior High, Primary, Universities, Polytechnics, etc)
  •  University and Polytechnic halls
  • Religious Institutions (Church groups, Islamic Groups)
  • Associations
  • Clubs
  • Companies ( Electing leaders for public positions)
  • Government
  • Districts
  • Political Parties

In this fast developing world and increasing technology and literacy, leadership is a key factor in determining the direction any group will go. Most members of democratic communities trust a system that is secure and helps ensure their voices are heard and their preferences are considered. One way they show this is by casting their votes during elections expecting fairness and transparency. This initiative bridges the transparency gap, creates credibility for electoral processes and most importantly allows the electorate trust their electoral system and be confident about their choices.

Contact us today! We setup and organize the entire voting process!

Email : info@nasaratech.com

Phone : 233-54960-6191

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