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Nasara Mobile – Sprint 3 Release (New Features and Updates)

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We love updating and building new usable features on the Nasara platform to increase productivity and ease of use for our dear users. Since our last release, we have built new and powerful features to enhance usability on the platform.

New Dashboard Re-design and Statistics

Have you noticed the new and improved dashboard after logging in recently? Yes! We are sure you loved it just as much as we did.  We have created a new look and access to an overall statistic of your site.

Nasara Mobile Dashboard Redesign

You can now view quick stats on :

  • Total Contacts Uploaded and the rise and fall in percentage of uploads!
  • Total Messages Sent To Date and the rise and fall in percentage of messages sent over a period
  • SMS credit available and it’s usage
  • Scheduled messages at a glance
  • Approximate amount of sms in GHC
  • Total Number of messages queued
  • Total number of system applications activated


Updated Header Logo

Selection_310  We have finally updated the header LOGO to our new, improved and smooth Nasara Mobile logo. No more confusion as to which is our official logo 🙂



Send Messages To Groups and Manually Typed Numbers At The Same Time

You can now type out numbers in the phone number box and select a group to message as well. Initially you could only to send to either manual numbers or groups at a time.

This feature will help save a lot of time and will enable users to do all they have to do on a single page.


Excel Messaging

This is a huge feature we have finally released by popular request. This feature makes it easier for people who want to send different messages to different phone numbers. For example, schools can save a lot of time by using our excel messaging feature to send report cards to parents.


All you have to do is :

  • Create an excel file
  • Enter phone numbers in the first column
  • Enter messages from the 2nd column to the Z-column
  • Each message can be unique for each phone number
  • Upload your file
  • Select/Enter Sender Id
  • Enter the columns you want to extract the messages from
  • Hit the send button!

There you go! You can also download a pre-filled example excel template sheet for guidance.

To access this feature go to : Send SMS->Send Using Excel


New Nasara Mobile API Documentation Site

We took our API documentation to another level!

We wanted to make usage of the API very easy and accessible to all. Our new detailed documentation features a neat interface with full PHP, JAVA and Visual Basic code examples.


Visit the documentation page here -> Nasara Mobile API Documentation


New API Call : Get Account SMS Credit

You can now make an API call to get your accounts credit balance.

You can check your credit by sending an HTTP request and handling response as shown below;

You can check your SMS credit via the API. Error codes are returned alone while the read data is returned in json format.

The credit is returned in the json format :

Data contains the credit.

URL : http://api.nasaramobile.com/sms/check-credit
Method : GET
Parameter : api_key

Full code examples available on the  Nasara Mobile API Documentation site!


New and Updated Features On The Nasara Mobile Re-seller Platform

We provide people and organizations looking to start an business an opportunity to run their own SMS sites with the same features on the main Nasara Mobile platform.

Our Re seller platform is a great way to start an online business without any programming knowledge.

We set up the entire platform and handle technical support as well.

We recently updated the platform with the last released features on the main Nasara Mobile platform.

To find out more about the re seller program send an email to info@nasaramobile.com and we will respond and set up an account for you in no time.

We are always excited to build and improve our features. Contact us anytime (info@nasaramobile.com) for feature requests! We will love to hear from you!


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