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My First Day At VOTO Mobile

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DSCN0515 (copy)Hello,  so I am a pending computer science graduate of KNUST at the moment and I am sharpening my skills and contributing what I can to build to the VOTO mobile platform (..well , I haven’t really done anything yet 🙂 ). I was really excited to start work at VOTO amidst being nervous and scared about not being able to deliver. This is going to be my first job and it will set a whole new world and path for me!

VOTO provides easy-to-use online services that allow governments, NGOs, and businesses to directly connect with citizens, over their mobile phones, on a massive scale. We reduce the costs and technical challenges of using widespread mobile technology for improved communication with thousands of stakeholders. ( lol, I just copied and pasted from here —> votomobile.org )

The team, Mark, Leah, George, Rob Reid, and I set out to Lake Bosomtwe to get out of the Tech Hub a bit, to plan the next sprint and officially welcome me to the team. It was a great and funny ride to the lake. We were 5 and had to fit into a taxi. 4 of us squeezed behind and Honorable George sat comfortably in the front seat, 🙂 . It took us an hour and 20 minutes to get to the lake, we even got missing on the way! ( some taxi drivers paaa).

Well, when we got to the lake, we were all sort of tired and kept yawning. We however kept the energy going cuz the activity line up was AWESOME! We started work right away, and talked more of how to make VOTO better, and our personal aspirations and objectives after this sprint!

We wrote down our personal timelines from past to present and then the future. It was emotional and fun for all of us. The we went on and on and on, :), ordered lunch, went on and on, it took an hour to get ready, we ate, went on again and then it was time for SOCCER and SWIMMING (haaa, I don’t even swim). We changed into our soccer gear and headed to the beach ( lake Bosomtwe Beach, lol ). It was Leah and I against the 3 guys, simple, Leah and I are the best and they were nothing we couldn’t handle. 🙂

DSCN0499 (copy)

After a fun soccer game, we went swimming in the lake!, well, the boys, not Leah and I. ;). We didn’t want to get our hair wet and blah blah blah ( girls thingz). Mark and Rob tried teaching George how to swim, the guy couldn’t even float, haha. They struggled, but George had fun and I couldn’t stop laughing. We took pics,  and got back to the hut.

We ordered supper and sat down to complete planning the next sprint. I was rea;ly excited about that part, cuz I was gonna know what I will be contributing to. I was still a little bit off cuz I didn’t fully understand everything 🙁  . The planning was perfect and kinda fun at the same time! It was getting late, so we ate supper and asked for a taxi to take us back to Ayeduase, and as usual they charged us (Mark) paaaaa.

Overrall, I had a really fun time and it was a perfect way to welcome me to the team. I am looking forward to this sprint and hopefully I will control my nerves and fit in just right!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Rashkeed.


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    i shock give the taxi driver waaaa. lol. nice blog. clean and neat design 🙂

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