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Make Gmail Do More For You With These ‘Awesome’ Extensions

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Gmail is probably the most popular email service in the world with over 1 billion users. The service, developed by Google is one of the fastest and most intuitive email provider, and integrates seemingly into almost everything we do on a daily basis. With one gmail account you can access several Google products online or via your android phone, such as syncing photos via google photos across multiple devices, google maps, youtube, and google drive just to mention a few.

Gmail is my most visited daily site since I access over 5 email accounts on the platform, which means, a need to keep things organised, tracking spam, identifying new contacts, etc. I currently use these gmail plugins/extensions to make my life easier and I’m sure you’d find them useful too;



Have you ever sent an email and wondered if the receiver read it as you wait forever for response? Bananatag can help you track when your email has been opened. The service sends notifications to your Gmail when a contact opens your email or clicks a link within the email. You can also schedule your emails with Bananatag. It’s that simple! The free plan enables you to track at most 3 emails every 24 hours. Bananatag is available as a Chrome or Firefox extension for Gmail, a plugin for Outlook, or generically with any email client. It’s free for 5 messages a day.


Image: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com


Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. This plugin is a time saver! It enables you view a summary of your contact’s linkedIn information right in gmail and also shows their social media links. In an instance, you get to know who your contact is, what they do, where they are, who you both know, and right away you can establish a rapport and grow your network.


Image: https://rapportive.com


Boomerang enables you to schedule an email to be sent later. The service also permits you to create reminders for emails you’d like to follow up on, specifically if you don’t hear back from a the contact. You specify a time period for the reminder regardless of a response. Boomerang is available for Firefox 38+, Chrome 5.0+, Safari 5.1+, and Opera 15+, and works with Gmail and G Suite (Google Apps) email. For the free service you get 10 usage per month and other basic features including reminders and send later.


Image: boomeranggmail.com 



Do you remember signing up for that newsletter? Unlike the other services above, unroll.me is a standalone website that scans through your account to identify subscriptions, enabling you to gain control of your inbox by instantly viewing and unsubscribing easily from whatever you don’t want.


Image: TechCrunch.com


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