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Levers In Heels : 5 Tips For Being A Successful Woman in STEM

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I met this awesome lady Larisa Bowen-Dodoo at Tech Needs Girls , She Codes event on the 25th of January, 2014 ( last Saturday). She is a new mentor on the team. She was cool and and fun to talk to. She did an amazing job mentoring and was very patient with the girls :).

Larissa has an amazing blog called ‘Levers In Heels’ and she has written awesome and thoughtful posts you should go check out right now —-> , oh wait….., after you have read this post though :D.

She literally published a new post 50 minutes ago (as at 9:41pm GMT) and I thought it was so cool I decided to share and feature it on my blog for my readers to get to know her and check the blog out.


Levers in Heels’ 5 Tips For Being A Successful Woman in STEM

It definitely is quite challenging being female in male-dominated STEM fields. With growing concerns about the worth of highly trained women in these areas, there are huge opportunities for women in academic institutions, manufacturing companies and in government, just to mention a few. There are also various leadership opportunities available. A woman’s participation in the boardroom in STEM-related areas can certainly change the way things are thought of and done in the country in a positive manner.

  • Be Confident: Always remember, YOU ARE SPECIAL! You are a part of the very small percentage of ladies trying to make it in these fields. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and tougher than usual. Whether or not this is the case, it should not interfere with you reaching your goals!
  • Find A Mentor: A good mentor can provide you with some guidance and advice regarding your career. You can join mentoring programs to connect with mentors and mentees. These needn’t be people of the same gender! Staying connected with your professional association, developing a network of supportive peers and professional elders, and being a part of a new cohort of enthusiastic people are the best ways to ensure long-term satisfaction with your career.
  • Be Organized: Time management is important. Get a calendar and use it! Plan ahead. New opportunities will spring up every now and then, and it will get tempting to over-commit, but it is better to put effort in doing a few things very well than to struggle with a bad schedule!
  • Be Curious & Assertive: Ask questions, seek answers! Curious people look at a challenge from various angles. They uncover different ways of performing one task or solving problems.  Remember, the bigger the room of possible solutions, the more likely it is that you will discover a better way to get things done! If you don’t understand something, it becomes easy to write it off as being useless. You will only truly be able to appreciate something when you understand it!


There you go! An exciting read for all ladies in STEM and aspiring ones! Have a blessed weekend and don’t forget to check out Levers In Heels! 🙂

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