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He Bled Unbearably

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He had a family

A true loving family

He was the most quiet person you’d ever meet

How can such a quiet person who hardly mingled or argued be hated

He was loving, caring, adorable, patient, intelligent

It was a Saturday

He was getting ready to set off to visit his family for the weekend in a different town

He was to leave around 8 am

He packed, excited as always

The usual 2 weeks away from family was coming to an end

‘Knock Knock Knock’, on his door

He wondered who was visiting

He wasn’t expecting any one

He hesitated, but ‘Knock Knock Knock’

It was around 1 am

There was persistent knocking, the door was weak

They got in

About 3 or 4 (not sure how many)

They had A.K 47 guns

Pointed at him

He was frightened

He raised his hand

He started running

There was no where to go

He tried running, they found him

They beat him badly

And shot him in the chest

More than 5 bullets

He laid there, with no help coming

They took his car

He had a wife and two kids

2 young kids who looked up to him

He was in pain

He was dying

But the pain of leaving his family was worse and unbearable

He struggled, He suffered, He wept, He bled

Why was this happening to such an innocent man

Who was behind this evil?

Why kill an innocent man?

He didn’t deserve it

His death, His death

His death started a chain reaction

A terrible one for his family

He never deserved it

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