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Ghanaian Song of The Week (in Dagbani): Don Sigli – Dicheko Bang

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Yes, I know I have been MIA for a while. It’s been a packed couple of months, however, since I want to keep this blog alive, I’ll start posting weekly on topics that don’t require much writing, at least till I’m able to free up some time to blog frequently.

I come from Ghana and there are several ethic groups in Ghana (over a 100 to be exact), and as a result I’m a Dagomba! Dagombas are an ethnic group of the Kingdom of Dagbon (mainly in the Northern Region of Ghana) in the sparse savanna region below the sahelian belt, known as the Sudan. The Dagomba culture is historically powerful and entertaining and I might just teach you a thing two about them once in a while.

Music is at the core of Dagbon as Dagombas are one of the ethnic groups with a sophisticated oral tradition woven around drums and other musical instruments. This kind of music is currently practiced traditionally and mainstream music has been vastly influenced by surrounding regions and music from around the world. The Dagomba/Northern Region music industry is a young and growing industry and gets better each year with new and existing artists incorporating new rhythms to make it appealing to a younger generation, while trying to keep the traditional elements. Music from the Northern part of Ghana isn’t well known outside the region and so every week, I’ll be sharing with you music by artists from the Northern Region of Ghana. Most of the songs will be in Dagomba (with a bit of English) – but good music transcends borders, so I’m sure you will enjoy something new.

This week’s Dagbani song is Dicheko Bang by Don Sigli, an artist I personally enjoy listening to. His voice is very soothing (though a bit auto-tuned), and lyrics very appealing to all ages.

Summary of Song

Dicheko Bang means “Don’t let her know”. He sings about how much he loves a young woman and will die for her, however, he doesn’t want her to know how he feels because there’s a possibility she might take it overboard. He also struggles with the fact that sometimes they fight and it appears he doesn’t love her, which confuses him. He’s struggling to be very open with her and just wants her to know he loves her, but doesn’t want to tell her much.

Song and video below;

Do you have any recommendations on which artist I should feature next? Let me know in the comments. All Ghanaian artists are welcome.

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