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Building My First Computer!

I have always wanted to build a computer, finally did and made a video of the build. Below is a link to the video on Youtube ūüôā https://youtu.be/c5WqzQhmCJI If you enjoy the video, do subscribe to the channel for more content :). Cheers! 58,575 total views, 70 views today

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Shea Butter Explained!

Have you ever wondered where Shea Butter comes from? How it’s made? It’s benefits? Etc? If you are not familiar with the main product itself, you have probably heard or seen it on a packaging. To learn more about this unique butter and it’s healing properties, watch the video below; https://youtu.be/Qp1g5Xnj128 47,900 total views, 47 views today

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My Trip To Rome

I didn’t blog in 2018, which was an interesting year for me. I moved continents, started a new job in a new country, and still adjusting to a new culture. I was mostly focussed on settling in and figuring out if I wanted to stay in this new place for a longer while. Part of the move has given the opportunity to explore Europe (a well connected continent). It’s easier and cheaper traveling within Europe than in any other continent. Giving this privileged position, and my desire to write, create and share stories (content), I video logged my journey to ...

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Today’s Featured Music From Ghana

Ghanaian music from the Northern Region is gaining more grounds everyday and¬†it’s great that these artists are able to project culture through modern music. I particularly like these videos because they¬†are not over the top with cars, types of cigarette they’re smoking, half-naked female models, type of champagne they drinking, etc. Instead these 2 videos focus on repping tradition¬†and depict normal¬†surroundings in Tamale, which is reality.¬†The lyrics do not marginalize women either, it does the opposite. Sherifa Gunu Salamatu Israhim – Tamale ft Sharifa Gugu   126,956 total views, 52 views today

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My Favourite Videos Of The Week

It is quite funny that the title of the post is ‘my favourite videos of week’. I hardly watch videos during the week and I spend every Saturday, catching up, watching youtube videos, doing some personal work, updating my blog, and picking a ‘trotro’ to Adum and back without doing anything there. It’s all an attempt to get out a little and let loose. I never really realize how boring my life is till someone ask what I do during the weekends. But you know, who needs extra fun when you’ve got YouTube, thank you Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and ...

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Videos I am Obsessed With This Week! – E1

My Favourite Videos on Youtube this week are The Ellen Show:Adorable Kid Dancer Meets His Hero,¬†World’s Strictest Parents and How It is Made! It is no secret that I love Ellen, but I am now obsessed with this series —-> ‘How It’s Made”. I has been around for a while, but I never really watched it, I am soo obsessed. I want to know how everything works, like right now!!!!! Check out some of the vids I personally fell in love with! Adorable Kid Dancer Meets His Hero   How It is Made : Bacon   World’s Strictest Parents New ...

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