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Ghanaian ‘Day Names’ in Dagbani

There are over a 100 ethnic groups in Ghana, and all take pride in naming children. Most names have interesting meaning. An example is Niendoo in Dagbani which translates “old man”, and means the incarnation of a great-grandfather. Another is Bangaham, which means “those who choose”, a short proverb. Most cultural groups also name children depending on the day of the week they are born. The Dagomba culture is no different. The names are unisex in Dagbani and compiled below; Mine is Lamihi, what’s yours? 132,335 total views, 72 views today

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Getting A New Driver’s License In Ghana

Getting A New Driver's License In Ghana

  Getting a driver’s license can be a gruesome process, however, very rewarding. I recently went through the process of getting a driver’s license for the first time and there were a couple of things I wish I knew before starting the process. I hope you’d be able to learn a few things from my experience and be better prepared for the process. I started the process by first registering  at a driving school for lessons. You will need to go to a driving school before you start the process at DVLA, it’s just easier that way. I already knew ...

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Free instrumental : The Slow ‘Bug’ Crusher

I am still learning how to make beats and I have noticed I like slow and classical sounding ones with a pop/hip hop/rock flare to it. There is still a lot to figure out, and while I was stressed fixing a bug, I decided to do something relaxing while thinking about the solution, so I made this beat. They are continuous bars and with change in tempo once in a while. Nothing fancy, but I think it is quiet relaxing. Feel free to use it however and let me know what you think. I will be updating this blog with new ...

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Random Newbie Photos On A Cheap Camera

I have slowly developed an intense interest in photography for a year and a half now, I guess as a hobby. I love very artistic stuff and photography seems like a great way to express emotions, and a situation without saying a word. It’s crazy how a picture can convey so much meaning. I personally love close up shots, landscapes, human art, and interactions with nature. I am not sure if those are even real terms in the photography world but that’s how I feel about the photos I take. I do not own a very good camera, but I try ...

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Nasara Voting System – The Must Use Commercial Voting System on the Market

One can’t help but notice that in most of our systems and organizations all over the world there exist structures, and along with these structures come leadership positions. It is in light of this that various means of choosing leaders have been adopted by various groups and organizations. One of such means is voting during elections. Over the last couple of years, ICT has constantly proven to enhance productivity, increase profitability, improve processes and encourage clutter-free working conditions, and has been embraced by various groups in providing better services, including areas with electoral sectors. There are certain principles that need to ...

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Aaaaw! Just a bunch of Cute Rabbits

I love rabbits! they are the best pets. Maybe it is because our names start with an ‘R’. They are as cute as anything and aren’t harmful (that much). I have always wanted one and hopefully I will get one before the year ends. Right now I just have to think of some cute ‘Dabgani-pet names’, lol. 9,774 total views, 14 views today

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