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So You Bought An App?

I had never owned a Smart Device till now. And in February this year I installed Bluestacks  App Player for windows ( by then I was more into Windows than Linux ). Bluestacks  App Player allows you to operate in an android-like environment in the player. You can install android apps in bluestacks and it works great. I installed a couple of free apps like WatsApp and some word games. I bought my first app on bluestacks. I loved the game ‘Field Runners HD’ and decided to purchase it for $1.99. I felt great after my first app purchase, but a couple ...

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5 Reasons You Should Try The Laravel PHP Framework

I have been a php developer for 2 years now and in that time I never used a Framework. I was obsessed with learning many programming languages, but after almost a year, I decided to concentrate on being a web app developer, using primarily PHP. PHP is awesome and it is one language I understand extremely well and can express myself, just like JAVA, but I still prefer PHP. A friend of mine introduced me to the PHP Codeigniter framework, and I decided to try it.   I started learning and the documentation was absolutely fantastic. It took me a ...

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Tech Needs Girls : The Workshop

Hello, so I have written two posts on the Tech Needs Girls Workshop, building up to the main event. I wanted to write a post on the main event today, but yesterday, Regina Agyare wrote her own blog post on her site —-> here , and it is perfect. It is exactly what I wanted to write and since I just finished Uni, I still have some dubbing (copying) skills. So instead of writing mine, I have decided to copy hers (with permission). Check it out. On the 1st of June 2013, if you happened to be at the KNUST Campus , ...

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My First Day At VOTO Mobile

Hello,  so I am a pending computer science graduate of KNUST at the moment and I am sharpening my skills and contributing what I can to build to the VOTO mobile platform (..well , I haven’t really done anything yet 🙂 ). I was really excited to start work at VOTO amidst being nervous and scared about not being able to deliver. This is going to be my first job and it will set a whole new world and path for me! VOTO provides easy-to-use online services that allow governments, NGOs, and businesses to directly connect with citizens, over their mobile phones, on a massive scale. We ...

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Tech Needs Girls : The Begining!

How did this even happen? Well back in 2012, Regina Agyare posted something on the Ghana Developers Google groups and I complained about such programs always being in Accra and never held in Kumasi, so females over there do not have the same opportunities as those in Accra (don’t even get me started on the Northern part of Ghana). Well, I guess my concern was heard, my friend and mate Charisma Naa-Achere Buxton replied and supported what I said. Ato Ulzen-Appiah and Bobby Okine (co-founder of mfriday) told me to organize one in Kumasi, and they will fully support me. ...

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