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[Poem] – Chicken Chicken Chicken

chicken chicken

  Chicken Chicken Chicken Legs so skinny life so short hustle so shinny dragged on a snort day and night across the oceans   Chickens are alike chickens are alive chickens do strive for a better life in this hive   chickens have arrived they crash and drive deprived to revive to be alive, to survive, and to test drive days unending they abide to reside   it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn they are drawn on a borne supremacy to fight in tights hold right, what’s bright the height of the knight in site with a knife full of life threatens emotions ...

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[Poem] – It’s Like An Invisible Glass Between You And Me

  Cases and faces Maybe they are all reasons Souls and feelings Maybe they all fail to provide meaning It’s like an invisible glass between you and me Maybe you see it Maybe you don’t Either you see it however I see it I conceal it and feel behind closed doors It’s like an invisible glass between you and me You care less about the subtle pool on my face It’s like a fast race of dripping bubbles in a pace I can’t face I gently put on a smile and whisper in your ear It’s like an invisible glass ...

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Who Is An Illiterate?

“You are an illiterate!” – This is a very common insult among Ghanaians, especially school children. It is probably the one insult that sums up your whole life and very depressing as such. According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, an illitrate can be any of these definitions, “not knowing how to read or write”, “having or showing a lack of knowledge about a particular subject”, ” not grammatically correct”. I have been struggling with the concept of education since high school and trying to understand why we refer to others who can’t read or write ‘English’ illiterates. This is a very sensitive ...

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30 Powerful Maya Angelou Quotes

Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Ann Johnson, was an American author and poet from April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014. Maya Angelou is a poet and award-winning poet known for the acclaimed poetry collection I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which made literary history as the first nonfiction best-seller by an African-American woman. Maya Angelou’s quotes and poetry has been very inspiring and has motivated to write whenever I feel like expressing myself. It ususally feels like she speaks to me directly. I have put together some of my favourite and powerful quotes from the late Maya Angelou. “Life is not measured by ...

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What does it mean to hold on? What does it mean to be afraid? What does it mean to let go? What does it mean to LIVE? From my existence as a younging till now Every breath I take Every tear I cry Every step I take Every hurdle Every stride I make Every happiness I feel Every love Every anger Every smile Those rainy and stormy days Those sunny and dry days Those flooded days Those moments I looked up to you Those eyes filled with tears Those eyes filled with confusion Those eyes filled with anger Those eyes ...

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She Wakes

    She wakes a smile on her face It’s fake the sparkle in her eyes She wakes The river starts flowing It’s real She doesn’t accept One day She will wake the river will stop flowing She will wake 5,316 total views, 1 views today

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He Bled Unbearably

He had a family A true loving family He was the most quiet person you’d ever meet How can such a quiet person who hardly mingled or argued be hated He was loving, caring, adorable, patient, intelligent It was a Saturday He was getting ready to set off to visit his family for the weekend in a different town He was to leave around 8 am He packed, excited as always The usual 2 weeks away from family was coming to an end ‘Knock Knock Knock’, on his door He wondered who was visiting He wasn’t expecting any one He ...

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Untitled – 1

9:57pm I lay Tears pouring down banging my leg on the wall It’s a wave It’s rising I’m in pain I’m hurting the world is so cold I try to smile I try to hide my pain but every night I’m reminded i hate the feeling i start going down memory lane how life was better how life was simpler how life was easier it’s been 8 and 7 yrs separately but I still feel the pain just one I know i’m lucky though i pretend that’s not me over there that’s what I want you to think It’s a ...

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