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Nigerian States and Local Government Areas in SQL

I recently worked on compiling this data manually for a project and wished it was already available in SQL to just import, so I decided to export the data I put together on Github. It’s in SQL however you could modify it to fit your project and DB needs. https://github.com/rasheeda/SQL-Data-of-Nigerian-States-and-LGAs Cheers!   174,722 total views, 56 views today

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Fix Issue With Logs Not Showing Up in Android Studio 2.3 Update

Google recently updated android studio to version 2.3, and just like most updates in the past, this came with some changes that caused a bit of confusion for developers. One of the main issues I encountered was not seeing my logs and debug messages in the debug console, especially when running my app from an emulator. This was actually an intentional change from Google but none the less caused a bit of a distress. If you are facing this issue don’t panic! It’s an easy fix; 1. Go to Run -> Edit Configurations 2. Select the Miscellaneous tab and select the following options; Show ...

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Free instrumental : The Slow ‘Bug’ Crusher

I am still learning how to make beats and I have noticed I like slow and classical sounding ones with a pop/hip hop/rock flare to it. There is still a lot to figure out, and while I was stressed fixing a bug, I decided to do something relaxing while thinking about the solution, so I made this beat. They are continuous bars and with change in tempo once in a while. Nothing fancy, but I think it is quiet relaxing. Feel free to use it however and let me know what you think. I will be updating this blog with new ...

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Software Review : “Dukto R6”

Have you ever experienced those moments you doubt using a PC and wonder if the Mac life is the way to go? Those awesome moments when Mac users share huge files swiftly via ‘AirDrop’, and you wish there was an awesome program like that for linux or windows? Well, no worries, I did some digging and even though there are a lot of such applications out there, I stumbled upon Dukto, the ultimate simple, easy and fast file sharing application, similar to the core functionality of AirDrop. Dukto R6 is a software project now in it’s 6th release, with many improvements over ...

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