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Who Is An Illiterate?

“You are an illiterate!” – This is a very common insult among Ghanaians, especially school children. It is probably the one insult that sums up your whole life and very depressing as such. According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, an illitrate can be any of these definitions, “not knowing how to read or write”, “having or showing a lack of knowledge about a particular subject”, ” not grammatically correct”. I have been struggling with the concept of education since high school and trying to understand why we refer to others who can’t read or write ‘English’ illiterates. This is a very sensitive ...

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What does it mean to hold on? What does it mean to be afraid? What does it mean to let go? What does it mean to LIVE? From my existence as a younging till now Every breath I take Every tear I cry Every step I take Every hurdle Every stride I make Every happiness I feel Every love Every anger Every smile Those rainy and stormy days Those sunny and dry days Those flooded days Those moments I looked up to you Those eyes filled with tears Those eyes filled with confusion Those eyes filled with anger Those eyes ...

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Nasara Mobile – Sprint 3 Release (New Features and Updates)

We love updating and building new usable features on the Nasara platform to increase productivity and ease of use for our dear users. Since our last release, we have built new and powerful features to enhance usability on the platform. New Dashboard Re-design and Statistics Have you noticed the new and improved dashboard after logging in recently? Yes! We are sure you loved it just as much as we did.  We have created a new look and access to an overall statistic of your site. You can now view quick stats on : Total Contacts Uploaded and the rise and ...

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She Wakes

    She wakes a smile on her face It’s fake the sparkle in her eyes She wakes The river starts flowing It’s real She doesn’t accept One day She will wake the river will stop flowing She will wake 5,300 total views, 3 views today

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She Codes 2014 : Empowering Girls In The Slum Through Coding!

On the 25th of January 2013, Tech Needs Girls Ghana, a non profit organization which I’m a co-founder and mentor of, organized a one-day coding and leadership workshop for 60 girls from Nima and Mamobi in Accra, Ghana in collaboration with the Achiever’s book club. The Achievers Book Club (ABC) is an independent Ghanaian non-profit organisation, with a simple mission: Education for all girls in slums in Ghana.   Their story started with a girl called Amina, who lives in the Accra slum of Nima and, despite excelling at school, was forced into marriage at the age of 12. What happened ...

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My Top 40 favourite Songs of 2013

Music Music Music! We all love listening to music. Music is a great way for me to forget about everything and concentrate on being happy and worry about nothing and live in the moment. Music heals and it’s definitely an important piece in my life. I listen to a lot of genres, any music that sounds good and delivers a good message is okay for me, eventhough sometimes the lyrics just don’t make sense and I probably enjoy such music because of the instrumentals and mixing. Without further or do, in no particular order, here is my top 30 favourite ...

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