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8 Burning Questions After The First Season of Stranger Things (1)

8 Burning Questions From The First Season of ‘Stranger Things’

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If you read my previous post on 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Stranger Things you’d know where I stand with the show. Stranger Things is one of the best series this year and after watching and re-watching the first season, there have been a couple of questions I keep asking. You might find these questions intriguing as well;

*spoiler alert!

What’s Eleven’s Back Story?

I am obsessed with this question and there are so many unanswered questions about who she really is. Where is Eleven from? How did the ‘bad men’ get her? Right now, we sought of have a clue as to who El’s mother is, but we aren’t very sure of that. How did she gain her powers? Was it connected to the experiments they did on her ‘hinted’ mother?


What Exactly Is The ‘Upside Down’?

If you have seen Fringe, then you have an idea of how the alternate universe played out in the series. The beginning of Stranger Things gave me the Fringe vibe, however, towards the end of the show it turned into something different and the main focus was on the monster? I must say, I was a bit disappointed about that, but it wasn’t enough to make me dislike the show. Is the upside down really an alternate universe or was it created by the ‘bad men’? 


How Did Will Contact His Mom Through The Phone?

The sci-fi aspect to Stranger Things was somehow swerved in my opinion and I think the phone and light communication could have been the base for an awesome story. From what we see, the upside down is a decayed and empty version of our world ruled by a monster, which will make it almost impossible to have some sought of technology. What is the link between Will’s energy and that of the lights and telephone in his home? How did he make the phone call? How did he turn on lights? How did he turn on the music? If everything around him is decayed, what’s the explanation for this phenomenon?


4. How Did Will Stay Alive?

According to Eleven, Will was hiding in the upside down. Smart move obviously, but why did Barb die when she was taken? Why didn’t the monster kill Will? Was he special? ( of course, aside the need to keep him in other for the story to play out well). It appears Will hid in the upside down version of his home, was it a special place to hide?


5. What Exactly Happened To The ‘Upside Down’ Universe? Why Were The Bad Men Eager To Connect With The Monster

There are so many unanswered questions about the upside down. The ‘Bad Men’ knew about the upside down all along and they pushed Eleven to open the gate. Did the upside down ever look like our world? If it did, what happened to it? How did it decay? Why aren’t there any humans? Are they trying to stop the current world from experiencing the same fate? Are they really good people? What exactly is their mission in exploring the ‘upside down’?


6. What Happened To Hopper After He Visited The Energy Centre?

Hopper found out Will’s body was fake and made his way to the Energy building. He successfully gets into the breached room and was caught. They injected him with something and the next thing we know he’s back on his couch? Why did they let him go, knowing very well he’d remember the events? What’s the deal here? Aside bugging his house, did they need him to do something for them? Is he working with the ‘bad men’? 


7. Is El Dead? Is Dr. Martin Brenner Dead?

El disintegrated in the final episode after killing the monster. We don’t know but happened to her but we anticipate she’s gone? Is she really? Dr. Brenner was also taken down by the monster in the final episode. They didn’t show what happened to him, but it’s highly unlikely he’s dead. In fact, it’s unlikely El is dead either.


8. Whom Did Chief Hopper Leave Food For?

8 Burning Questions After The First Season of Stranger ThingsIn the final episode, Chief Hopper drove off with some men who looked suspiciously bad. He later emerges in a scene where he placed food in a box for someone. They were Eggos, El’s favourite. Did he leave it for her? Does this mean she is alive? Who is Hopper working with?

Image Credit: Netflix


Will The Show Return For A Second Season? 

This is the most important question! A second season is very likely due to the show’s success and might help answer these lingering questions.

Are there any questions I missed? What questions have you been asking? Do you know the answer to some of these questions? 


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