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Android Development: Styling Google Maps

Google has a reputation for making development easier and efficient for developers who use their tools and APIs with detailed documentations and well taught free courses. I recently tried implementing styling and reducing how much information is shown on a map via android. My initial approach was to figure out how to remove certain elements from the maps api instance I was using at runtime. This approach would have been quite messy, but also mainly because, I was still figuring out the API. I did some searching and found out that Google actually makes the whole process easier. To implement styling and ...

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Software Review: Snapso Shutdown Manager S2

Okay, I admit, I am reviewing this software because it was a simple app I built back in the day. Nonetheless, I think it is a fantastic piece of software any pc user should have, especially, those who sleep off while playing videos or music. SnapSO Shutdown Manager is a simple program that allows users to schedule the time they would like to shutdown, restart or put their computer to sleep. It has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features. You should definitely check it out!  freeware (free software). The video below gives a brief ...

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Nasara Mobile – Sprint 3 Release (New Features and Updates)

We love updating and building new usable features on the Nasara platform to increase productivity and ease of use for our dear users. Since our last release, we have built new and powerful features to enhance usability on the platform. New Dashboard Re-design and Statistics Have you noticed the new and improved dashboard after logging in recently? Yes! We are sure you loved it just as much as we did.  We have created a new look and access to an overall statistic of your site. You can now view quick stats on : Total Contacts Uploaded and the rise and ...

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My Top 10 Favourite Must Have Linux Apps

I love the Linux operating system. It is the best and I have tried so many distributions and I have finally settled on one I like, Ubuntu 12.04. I was never a huge fan of linux and I disliked the look and feel. I was comfortable with using windows and I wasn’t interested using another OS. However, it sounded cool to be a linux user and so I partitioned my drive and installed linux on it. I never really used it and brought it up during geeky conversations to sound cool :), don’t judge me! I am a huge fan ...

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5 Reasons You Should Try The Laravel PHP Framework

I have been a php developer for 2 years now and in that time I never used a Framework. I was obsessed with learning many programming languages, but after almost a year, I decided to concentrate on being a web app developer, using primarily PHP. PHP is awesome and it is one language I understand extremely well and can express myself, just like JAVA, but I still prefer PHP. A friend of mine introduced me to the PHP Codeigniter framework, and I decided to try it.   I started learning and the documentation was absolutely fantastic. It took me a ...

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My First Day At VOTO Mobile

Hello,  so I am a pending computer science graduate of KNUST at the moment and I am sharpening my skills and contributing what I can to build to the VOTO mobile platform (..well , I haven’t really done anything yet 🙂 ). I was really excited to start work at VOTO amidst being nervous and scared about not being able to deliver. This is going to be my first job and it will set a whole new world and path for me! VOTO provides easy-to-use online services that allow governments, NGOs, and businesses to directly connect with citizens, over their mobile phones, on a massive scale. We ...

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